Whisky Barrels

When my wife and I flew into Dublin Ireland we had no clue our hotel was located right next to the Jameson experience tour. (Its where they used to brew the whiskey but not anymore.) We hadn’t planned on going but being right there we thought we should. We got up early and went on the first tour before heading out of town. Big mistake. We aren’t exactly big whiskey drinkers to begin with so first thing in the morning wasn’t exactly the ideal time to "experience" their whiskey. Not to say that its bad. We just don’t have a taste for it and 10 am wasn’t the best time to try again. The tour was very interesting.

I think the funniest part was they had us watch a video before the tour (very well made). In it they described how strict John Jameson was about his employees being on time and the punishments for being late to work. As it happened, our tour guide was late that morning and by our estimate may of had too much Jameson the night before. She wasn’t late by much and it really wasn’t a big deal. Just really funny.

This shot is from part of the tour. They had a whole wall of barrels lit from above. It made for very dramatic lighting.