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Whiskey Bliss (Whitney Fliss) is a blues and jazz singer, musician, and multifaceted performance artist traveling with her accordion across Eastern and Western Europe. She hails from Seattle, Washington, USA where she managed a swing and acrobatics dance company, The Harlequin Hipsters, and appeared with her solo work in cabaret shows at various nightclubs and theaters. She performs original compositions, country blues, jazz, and American folk music on accordion and piano. Throughout her European tour she has appeared in Blues Dancing Festivals in London, UK and Heidelberg, Germany, as well as in lives in Athens and Rhodos Greece, and Szimpla Badehaus in Berlin. She continues to travel and play music in the streets of Europe through Summer 2012!
about her music:
"I write songs to tell stories of love or to recall my dreams, which are fantastical visions of boats and oceans and waves and dancers and clowns. Some of my songs I wrote for my Commedia del’ Arte dance troupe in Seattle, The Harlequin Hipsters, and a show we did titled "Passion or Death"–in which the world becomes plagued by a disease that kills those who are dispassionate about their lives. I write music to sing about the emotions in my heart and soul, and to connect with people through those feelings".…