Uglyworld #1754 – Callings In Air Supporters – (Project TW – Image 331-366)

Project T.W. – Image 331/366

"This is Whiskey Alfa Golf Echo, do you copy, over."

I hopes someone answers me soons, I is trappereds in a cornerer on Calls Of Duty Black Ops II and I needs air supporters quicks smarters!

"This is Whiskey Alfa Golf Echo, is there anyone else lefts, over."

Oh noes, I thinks I might be the only ones lefters, and I can’t even asks Baz or Mireille to helpers me out as Baz is snoozerings and Mireille is studyerings!

"This is Whiskey Alfa Golf Echo, this is a matters of life and deaths, I needs air supporters right now on my markereds positions, over."

Hopefullies I will hears the sounds of jets screamerings over my heads soon!!!

Does any of you outs there in internets land has an xbox 360 too?

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