The Whisky Lounge tasting event

Av 40% fnord
whiskies of the world!

Bain’s Mountain, 43%, South Africa

a grain whisky, bit thin, quite sweet. cheap, nothing special, not a regular whisky

Sullivan’s Cove, 40%, Tasmania
more interedting than the first but not worth the price. nice round smell but a bit too zingy on the palate

Kalavan Port Finish, 40%, Taiwan
can’t get it over here. didn;t make much impression at first but as the night went on it smelt and tasted better. good but took too long to get there

Mackmyra Moment Skog, 52.4%, sweden
ooh. didn;t hit at first but add a bit of water and you get a fruity start with a bit of smoky finish, like a jam sandwich in a kitchen fire. second favourite of the night

Hakushu Bourbon Barrel, 48.2%, Japan
I remember very little of this. smooth and easy to drink though

Amrut fusion, 50%, India
BOOM! nice smell and a few flavours knocking around with a long finish. Dark chocolate fruit and nut, oaky spice, orange marmalade and a hitn of peat (it says here). the most interesting of the lot