The Teapot Dram

Av Hugh Beauchamp
It’s been a while since I did any still life or producty stuff, so I’d forgotten how much I like tweaking lights and taking my time with a subject that doesn’t move! Having said that I shot it quite fast because: A. I needed to return the lounge to its conventional use and B. I wanted to open the bottle.

Strobist: Classic dark-field lighting setup, with a Homebase shower curtain behind and an Elinchrom ranger fired through it from far enough back to get the whole width. Black velvet just wide enough to fill the viewfinder hung over the shower curtain.

60" square softbox on an Elinchrom BXRi for the key light, and a bit of white printer paper for the reflector on the opposite side.

White printer paper cut to a bottle shape propped up about 6" behind the bottle so the colour of the whisky would show up.