Smoke on the Harbor: George Dickel

Av skyliner72
George Dickel is the name of a brand of Tennessee whiskey distilled and aged in Cascade Hollow, Tennessee, near Tullahoma and bottled in Stamford, Connecticut and Canada. The brand is now owned by Diageo PLC. Five whiskies are produced at the George Dickel Distillery: George Dickel Cascade Hollow, Old No. 8 Brand, Superior No. 12 Brand, and Barrel Select Tennessee whiskies, and the fifth – a rye whiskey – introduced in late 2012.[1] The Old No. 8 Brand, with the black label, is an 80 proof whisky; Superior No. 12 Brand, with the ivory label, is 90 proof. The Barrel Select is 86 proof.

George Dickel’s Tennessee Whisky uses the traditional Scottish spelling of whisky (as opposed to whiskey). Reportedly, this is because Dickel believed his product to be as smooth and high in quality as the best Scotch whiskies. The distillery is part of the American Whiskey Trail and offers tours to the public.