Pumpkin Cream Pie

Av Super G
Might as well stay on the color theme since this would look nasty in BW. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in my monochrome world before you know it. This is the first pie I’ve ever made. Not that I don’t like them. But they are a lot of work to pull off, so I prefer to either purchase one or let someone else do the baking. But a friend tipped me off to the easiness of this one so I gave it a shot. In more ways than one. You see, I don’t really like pumpkin pie. I’m more of a boysenberry or apple pie type. But this was supposed to be a pie specifically for people that don’t like pumpkin pie….and it has a bit of whiskey in it……so how can I really go wrong? I enlisted the help of my 11 year old daughter who had just made her own ‘conventional’ pumpkin pie the day before. She was excited to try a new recipe. Everything was going smoothly until we started preparing the cream filling and she asked me what temperature the oven should be set for. I said this one only needed the crust to be baked, not the pie itself. She informed me that she would no longer be assisting me because I was making ‘cheater pie’ and continued to let me know that particular name for the rest of the day. In the end, both she and I really liked it, but I’m afraid the name will stick for the next time I make it.