Distillery [Project 4XA2Z]

Av Bart Huizinga
The D is for Distillery.


In Scotland they make whisky, you probably knew that. Somewhere there is a region called the Speyside, considered the whisky-valley. A tremendous amount of distilleries have themselves positioned there and I took this picture in the Glen Grant distillery. We had a lovely tour by a girl named Kiera. She had a slight cold but there was enough alcohol around to kill all bacteria…

What you see are the stills in which the whisky gets heated twice in two different giant copper stills (a wash and a spirit still) and the alcohol level rises to around 70% VOL.


This A-Z project is done by 4 photography friends, Melvyn, Danny, you all know Mark and of course myself. All our pictures can be found in this group: 4XA2Z