Apple cinnamon whiskey

Av Brother O’Mara
I was given some white whiskey recently (not like a thoughtful gift from a beloved friend but more of a "we’re not going to use this so take it" kind of thing) and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, well, it’s a bit boring. So there I was with white whiskey I didn’t really want to drink and a Granny Smith apple I didn’t really want to eat, so I figured I’d just make some apple cinnamon whiskey instead.

In case you yourself have some stuff around the house, here’s what I did. I used the raw white whiskey but hey, anything that would taste good with apples and cinnamon would do well as a base.

1 cup liquor
1 whole apple, washed well, cored, and cut into chunks
combine, let sit 3 days, give a gentle shake daily.

Taste after 3 days. If it’s starting to taste apple-y enough, add:
2 sticks cinnamon (the real stuff if you can find it; check your local Hispanic food store for good cheap spices)
1 tbsp whole dried allspice berries
let sit overnight, taste again. Should be ready. If not, give it another day.

I still have 1 cup of the white whiskey left so I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to soak in that one. I may get weird and do some red bell pepper and cilantro, or pear and jalapeño, or … I don’t know what yet.