A Whisky Day

Av hermiston
Prepping some whisky ideas at work involved sampling some different drams. More about analysis than pleasure, this sort of thing is, nevertheless, one of the better aspects of my job. On show were a Cragganmore 20 year old; a Glenlivet 32 year old; and a Bowmore 10 year old. All single cask, all cask-strength and all excellent. The Bowmore was the agreed favourite: "Like an old shoe burning on a bonfire" was one comment. For the Glenlivet: "A petrol chainsaw cutting through green wood". Sound outlandish? Well, that’s what they tasted like. And that’s what I love about whisky. It is evocative of flavours and smells, events and memories (and all sorts of other things) other than its origin, and you can have a hoot trying to express those qualities.