A study of Amber

Av Bellarus6666
This month’s portfolio challenge of ‘A study in colour’ brought more challenges than I expected. Not least of these was the lack of time I would find myself with due to work constraints, etc.
The month started off well with me taking some shots of various ‘amber / orange’ items but then I realised that I simply would;t be able to get 25 shots in time. This left me with an excellent opportunity to go through my back catalogue of shots, looking for the right sort of shots that, for various reasons, I have never posted before. This tended to be down to the fact that in their own right they were a little weak in some way. However, as part of a montage, they were excellent material for including in this overall composite.
Not an easy thing to do and all credit to those ‘Flickrites’ out there who have done similar montages in colour and therefore inspired me to do this one.