273-365 Smoke ’em

Av david.travis
This week’s Project52 assignment is "A Photograph of Smokes… in whatever way you feel you want to show it."

My Dad was a smoker and I remember saying to myself when I was a kid that I’d never smoke when I grew up — but I would buy cigarettes and leave them burning in ash trays, like an incense burner. Presumably I associated the smell with my Dad.

Before you get all psychoanalytic on me, when I grew up, I discovered I hate cigarette smoke and I will go to inordinate lengths to get away from it. Analyse that.

Anyway, I thought about that story when trying to come up with a suitable image. I found a pipe lying around the house, like you do in a house of non-smokers, and stuck an incense cone in it. Hey presto: pipe mush!

ODC: A fleeting moment.

Strobist: The lighting is probably way more complicated that it needs to be for this shot. Canon 480EXII in a Westcott Apollo softbox facing directly at camera with a piece of black card down the middle (turning it into a pair of striplights that side light the glass). The keylight was a Canon 580EXII in an Ezybox just above the pipe and facing downwards. The smoke was lit from back right by a bare Canon 480EXII fired through a cardboard snoot. White fill cards to the left and right of the pipe to bring out the shadows. Triggered by Yongnuo 603s.