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May all of the gods smile on whoever put the sign in Sheehy’s shop window that says:
Skibbereen Athletic Sports
and Bicycle Races
Town Park
Monday, 28th Sept.

Any of you got one of those snazzy day/year calculators for when 28th September fell on a Monday around the 1880s/1890/1900s-ish?

Plus,would you say that’s Mr Sheehy standing in the doorway? That gentleman looks mighty proprietorial…

Plus Plus: Amazingly rare sighting of a cat in one of our early photos…

Plus Plus Plus: This is an image rejected by William Lawrence as not quite up to the company’s usual standard, yet it’s possible to make out the name on the stonemason on the base of the monument!

Date: 1900?

NLI Ref.: L_NS_00001