Not Gentrified

Av Anything for thee Shot
Last time I was here I thought I was gonna get caught in a knife fight between some 80-year old with a walker who was slinging painkillers for whiskey money and some rejects from 18th street gang. For real. I heard it got taken over by the young, skinny Jean, premature mustache set. Maybe on the weekend that’s the case, but at noon on a Sunday the career drinkers with nothing to lose are out and if you get out of line they’ll rape you to death with an ashtray. St Johns is the Wild West of Portland. Blame the rehab centers and methadone clinics. Oh, and while I’m at it, fuck Anna Bananas for blasting their bullshit music to the outdoor seats. Some of us like to drink coffee away from the noise of your shitty music and screaming kids.


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