Lovin’ #whiskey #smokehead #fun #great #taste…

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Lovin’ #whiskey #smokehead #fun #great #taste #scotland #Schotland

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hilitj: Friday night it’s the perfect time for good whiskey

margaritabravo: @adrinoort Thank for following (^_^)(^_^)

adrinoort: I feel a sore throut coming up. This is the best medicine!  Moreover, this is a great whiskey! 

adrinoort: @hilitj Ahh. You understand my feelings! 

adrinoort: @boomboombas Lagavullin ook eens proberen begrijp ik? Ook zo’n uitgesproken smaak?

hilitj: Completely , cheers

adrinoort: @hilitj Cheers!!

boomboombas: Single malt 16 jr islay. Veel turf en jodium. Prachtige volle afdronk


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