Langholm Distillery

Av penlea1954
According to Billy Young’s book, A Spot Supremely Blest, John Arnott was the first owner of the whisky distillery followed by James Kennedy and John Connell. Kennedy later built Glentarras distillery. Connell’s son, Arthur, took over the business until it closed.
In September, 1928 Arthur Tolson came from the Yorkshire village of Osset, near Leeds, and started a motor service station with his two sons, John and Ernest, at the site of the former distillery which was in a dilapidated state, having been left to decay since the closure of the distillery several years earlier.
The building has a good claim to being the oldest distillery in Scotland, dating from about 1765.
There were only four distilleries in the Lowlands: Bladnoch, Annan, Langholm and Glentarras, south of Langholm.


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