Av generalstussner
Yesterday i celebrated a bit and "saved the best" for the late evening.
This Lagavulin 16yo Distillers Edition is one of my very favorite Whiskies and i recently bought this bottle. I’m saving it sort of for "special occasions" and yesterday was one and i couldn’t wait to have a taste again!
It was totally worth the wait.. if you pour some of it in a glass you can already smell it and wow what a great smell, i really love it. The taste is aweseome too (for my taste, not all will like this Whisky) and even now, the empty glass on the table i can still smell it…

I got my 85mm lens out again, i need to use it more.. its also my first try doing a shot like that.. i liked the result..

Please press "L" to view it in the Lightbox!!

Thank you all for your views, comments and faves!!


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