Dear Thomas – Get Pushed!! Round 25

Av Tinina67
This Round I was paired with Di"s Eyes aka Diana who has a great eye for anything with patterns and repetitions, check out her stream and be inspired!

This was her challenge to me:

I have been looking through your stream and it leaves me with a sense of peacefulness. (…)

So for your challenge and to take you out of your comfort zone how about depicting a not so peaceful state or emotion.
ie. Loss, despair, sadness or anger. Not just in a straight portrait, infact it does not have to be a portrait, but should include the environment and a person to help in the depiction.

Yes, I was clearly out of my comfort zone here, had several "great" ideas and ended up with these three shots. All tell a story, but it is up to you dearest visitor to decide how to fill the blanks.
Diana, I hope you are happy with my response to your push, though it might not be what you had in mind…

(Also for ODT:"Table Top")