CJLWS-Week52 – CYOA – Finished

Av Cjlws
Well, despite a couple of hiccups along the way I managed to complete the whole 52 weeks of the project. Apart from one week I managed to take a new picture for each of the weeks and it is just as well I did or my photostream would be considerably emptier. Some of the entries are considerably ropey however amongst them I have some shots that I really am happy with which I never would have taken without the project. So for that I am greatful.

I very much doubt that I will be able to post religiously each week to the project this year but I will be checking in every now and then, perhaps posting the odd picture. So for those with the stamina for a second year – I salute you. And for those just about to start their first year – good luck!

Following the completion of all the images I thought I’d pour myself a celebratory whiskey, which also seemed a fitting final image. Things didn’t quite come out as I’d hoped, mainly due to there being more whiskey missing from the bottle than I remember.

Image info: Shot on a Nikon D700 fitted with Sigma 105mm 2.8 macro. All the lighting was controlled using Nikon CLS via an SU-800. The cooler highlights were provided by SB-700 (group A) to camera left fitted with the supplied diffuser. The warmer highlights were from an SB-600 (group B) fired into a gold reflector to camera right. CTO-gelled SB-600s (group C) provided to glow behind the glass and bottle. Power levels were all manual and were A=1/8, B=1/8, C=1/128.