Angel’s Envy

Av airguy1988
Had to make a run to the local purveyor of fine, if not overpriced, photo equipment. Conveniently on the way home is my favorite beer, wine and liquor superstore. After much deliberation I had chosen the libations for the near future. Alas, I always take a walk down the bourbon aisle. I likes my bourbons. I noticed this bottle immediately and knew it deserved to be photographed. Bonus is that now that I am done shooting and PP I have a nice little glass filled with some of it. Pretty good stuff. I’d buy it again.

Image was shot with 2 – AB1600. One camera left in a 32×40’ish softbox actually pointing behind the camera at the white background paper. Camera right the AB1600 was in a strip box as I needed to get some fill on the left side of the image.

This is a composite image of 2 shots. One with the front bottle in focus and the second one with the reflected bottle in focus. It was shot with a Nikon D800 with a PC-E 45mm f/2.8 macro. I needed the camera to be higher than the bottle bottom so I could get some reflection on the white acrylic. The shift function helped to allow me to do this while minimizing the line where the background mirror and the white acrylic intersected. I still needed to remove some of the line but very little with this setup.


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