Alex whipped in by Yankee Redcaps.

Av zombikombi1959
17th – Saw Ronald Coleman, M. Dietrich in ‘Kismet’.
18th – Wrote to Tom Shuter & Albert Owen.
19th – Saw Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck in ‘Ball of Fire’. Rough! Naafi opened, new wine bar. Great! Alex whipped in by Yankee Redcaps.
20th – Normal Day.
21st – Saw Wallace Beery & Binnie Barnes in ‘Barbary Coast Gent’.
22nd – Normal Day. Learnt that we embark on 26th.
23rd – Villa beat Northampton at N. 3.2.
Finished 4th in league. Saw ‘Since you went away’. Went with Fusiliers to Hotel Vesuvius and consumed whiskey & vermouth. Got back about 1.0a.m.
24th – Normal day.
25th – Film show in Camp. ‘The Uninvited’, Ray Milland, Ruth Massey.
Villa versus Northampton Cup Game postponed.
26th – Embarked on SCYTHIA.
27th – Ordinary routine aboard trooper.
28th – Sailed about Noon. Passed Isle of Capri.
29th –
30th – Villa beat Northampton inCup at N. 2.0


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